Life Teen 2017 Fall Semester

This Spring our Life Teen Semester’s theme is “Made for Happiness.” We will cover two topics; The Four Marks of the Church and Morality.

There wasn’t always a Church nearby. Mass wasn’t always offered at several churches multiple times a day. The Church is not an accident or coincidence. The Church was intentionally made. The Church is founded on Christ, sustained by the Holy Spirit, and has Peter as its governing authority.

In September and October Life Teen will dive into the truth and goodness the Four Marks of the Church communicate about the Catholic Church and how we as members of the Church are also one, holy, catholic and apostolic.

We will finish out the Fall Semester discussing Morality and true happiness which is found in surrendering to Jesus Christ. The way of Jesus may not look the way we think it does. This series explores what it really means to live for Christ; the beatitudes, living the law of love, trusting Church authority, and forming our conscience.

Life Nights take place each Sunday night from 6:15pm to 7:30pm in the Hall of the Holy Family Center.  Dinner is served at 7:30pm and teens are ready to be picked up at 7:45pm.


Sunday, Sept 10: LIFE TEEN Color War!  Life Teen kick-off! Bring clothes to get dirty and have fun in for this night of team challenges and lots of COLOR!

Sunday, Sept 17: “MADE AS ONE”  We bring our series on the Four Marks of the Church; “One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic” looking at both the unity and diversity of the Church. How can you use your unique talents to serve the needs of the Body of Christ?

Sunday, Sept 24: “MADE FOR MORE”   The Church is Holy because it is united the Christ. As members of the Church we are pilgrims on a journey to our heavenly home. We are sinners who seek holiness in our daily lives. How does the Church help you be holy?

Sunday, Oct 1: “MADE FOR ALL”   The Church is catholic, “catholic” meaning universal.      As the universal church we are called to spread the Good News to all nations. How do you spread the Gospel in your daily life?

Sunday, Oct 8: “MADE TO LAST”   The Church is apostolic. Jesus Christ is the founder of the Catholic Church, He passed on His authority to Peter, our first pope, who then passed it on to the apostles. The Church continues to pass down the deposit of faith to us today. We learn, are nourished, grow and are sent forth at Church. Who has passed the faith on to your? Who do you in turn pass it on to?

October 15: LAUDATO SI   St. Stephen parishioners Greg and Rose Wathen will share with us Pope Francis’ Encyclical on the environment as well as witness to us their care for creation in their daily lives.

October 22: “WE’RE WAITING FOR YOU”   The second half of our semester will be spent looking at the Church’s teaching on morality. Each decision we make is motivated by the pursuit of happiness. God wants us to be happy, when we pursue God we will also discover true happiness. What makes you happy?

Sunday, Oct 29: Halloween Party!   Life Teen and Edge host for children in parish.

Sunday, Nov 5: “NEW AND IMPROVED”   We want to pursue happiness and pursue God. How do we know when our happiness is the same as pursuing God? We are given instructions by God on how to live our lives in the law found in the Old and New Testaments.

Sunday, Nov 12: “EAT YOUR VEGETABLES”   God gives us the law in Sacred Scripture, but our times are different than when Jesus lived. How do His teachings apply today? With the Holy Spirit as its guide God gives the Catholic Church the authority to instruct us on matters of faith and morals.

Sunday, Nov 19: Murder Mystery Dinner   Play detective with your friends as you follow the evidence to solve the mystery during this interactive dinner party.

Sunday, Nov 26: NO LIFE Night   Happy Thanksgiving

Sunday, Dec 3: “THE DRIVE OF YOUR LIFE”   So many things want to influence us. We are told what will make us happy by many sources, most are not really interested in our happiness. How do we form our conscience when we are bombarded by so many messages?

Sunday,Dec 10: “FORGIVEN”   In anticipation of the joy of Christmas we bring our sins before God to receive the gift of forgiveness.

Sunday, Dec 17: Christmas PARTY!   Bring a party snack, socks, hats & gloves for the homeless, and a $10 wrapped gift for a gift exchange game.

Sunday, Dec 24: No LIFE Night   Merry Christmas!

Sunday, Dec 31: No LIFE Night   Happy 2018!


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