Welcome to Life Teen at St. Stephen!

St. Stephen is one of over a thousand parishes worldwide who use Life Teen as our primary ministry and catechesis for high school youth.

Life Teen meets every Sunday at 5:00pm for Mass.  Our Life Teen Mass is just like other Liturgies you’ve attended only the music will be more contemporary and the choir is set up more like a band complete with bass guitar and drum set.  We also use high school and middle school students for all the liturgical ministries.  If you have never experienced a Life Teen Mass we encourage you to give it a try any Sunday at 5:00pm.

Teens who attend that Mass are welcome to sit with their families or where they are comfortable.  Teens are also invited, but not pressured to, sit in our “teen section” to the right of the altar.  Members of our adult Core Team sit there as well as many of the teens who are active in our Life Teen program.

Life Teen meets immediately after Mass for “Life Nights”.  The goal of the Life Night experience is for a teen to be fed socially, spiritually, catechetically and literally.   Life Nights are our main weekly gathering.  We follow a curriculum provided by Life Teen Int. which fulfills the US Bishops Core Curriculum standards for high school catechesis. Click here for this semester’s theme and curriculum information. During Life Nights we take significant time for prayer as well as learning and at the end break bread together with dinner provided by parent volunteers.

In addition to Life Nights, our high school students participate in a variety of service projects as well as social outings.  Some of the things we do each year include; a ski trip, spring retreat, Room in the Inn homeless out reach, Urban Plunge, white water rafting, Catholic Heart Workcamp, Covecrest Summer Camp, backpacking, March for Life, parish events, movie nights, Passion Mime, corn maze, youth rallys and the National Catholic Youth Conference. For a listing of current Life Teen events click here. 

If you would like more information about Life Teen and
youth ministry at St. Stephen Catholic Community, please contact Angie Bosio, Director of Youth Ministry, at 615-758-2424 x 13 or e-mail amaddyb@gmail.com  link